Conures for Sale

Shipping Information

Conure Birds Aviary offers shipping through DELTA PET for purchases over $250. Birds are comfortably placed in a special carrier and taken to the airport for shipment. It is an easy and safe procedure. The airlines offer a variety of flights departing from Napa, CA 94559, United States, to any major airport destination in the USA. All deliveries will be arranged prepaid, so the customer will not pay anything at pick up. Name, address, and phone number are necessary information for setting the delivery. A payment through pay-pal must have been processed prior to the delivery arrangements.

The price for shipping with DELTA is $225( including one shipping container!). Shipments with Delta can be arranged Monday, anytime through Saturday. Multiple shipping containers can cost $40 each but can be added to the airline shipping cost at no extra charge.

Conure Birds Aviary is closed to the public. However, local pick-up is available.


Delta closed many flights for animal shipments when Coronavirus started. They have finally begun to reopen many flights for the shipment of birds as of February 2021.

USPS shipping is available but at the buyer’s responsibility.