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Blue Parrot Exotic Birds
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 by Jamie Hanna

Conure Birds Aviary helped me choose my new baby after my Pineapple Green Cheek Conure Loki passed unexpectedly. I ended up picking Cooper who is a complete doll and is completely spoiled rotten even though he has figured out how to let himself out of his cage. The whole process was painless and Conure Birds Aviary has been very helpful even after Cooper joined my home. Thank you so very much!

 by Emma Burns

I've had my green cheek conure for about a week now and he's incredibly sweet and friendly. I would definitely recommend getting a bird from her.

 by Katelyn A. Richett

From the start, Conure Birds Aviary was nothing but kind and helpful. She answered all my questions and cares about flock health. Behaviorally, my new baby turquoise green cheek was scared at first (who wouldn't be!) but within literally 2 days, he has already started begging to come out of his cage and coming up to the bars to greet me in the mornings. Honestly, I expected him to be afraid for much longer than that, but Danielle clearly puts a lot of work into providing wonderful pet birds. 100% recommend! ☺️

 by Jeanine McMannes

Highly recommend! Looking for that feathered friend that is healthy and lovable? Look no further! Conure Birds Aviary offers a good selection of birds with all sorts of colors. Transactions and communications all the way satisfaction as you wait for your new baby to be ready. Very happy with my new baby and I am sure you will be too!

 by Myranda Saunier

he's so sweet! thank you, anyone getting a feathered friend from her will not be disappointed. thank you so much

 by Leslie R. Blumenfeld

Absolutely the best!! Please know that when you purchase from Conure Birds Aviary, you are getting the sweetest, smartest, and healthiest little feathered friends - in addition to the best service you will ever experience. A Health guarantee is provided and sure enough, when we took our baby to the vet for her check-up, the vet said she is 100000% healthy & the sweetest bird he’s ever met! ALSO, Conure Birds Aviary made sure our baby, Tiki, was in caring hands until she was ready to come to her forever home with us in Connecticut. I was so impressed with the attention to detail he had when safely shipping her to us from Atlanta GA. He also made sure she had everything she would need, as well as all of her paperwork and toys to help her transition home with the things she was familiar with. We love her and Conure Birds Aviary so much! We wouldn’t get a baby from anyone else! Hoping to add to our flock in the near future. Thank you so much, Conure Birds Aviary! Will definitely do business again!!


 by Maria Dolores Guerra

Right from the start, Conure Birds Aviary was super helpful and patient with all my questions. They definitely take the time to explain everything you need to know about your new feathery family member. Thank you so much for helping us find our baby Kiwi.

 by Jason Golden

When we saw Conure Birds Aviary s online post, featuring a stunning suncheek conure, we knew something good was about to happen! From our initial inquiry to regular check-ins regarding our bird’s weaning progress to the day we met our bird, every step was pleasant and joyful. To be specific, it’s not only the bird that has made us feel good, but also our experience with Conure Birds Aviary.


 by Kimberley Hidalgo

There are not enough words of appreciation that I can use to describe Conure Birds Aviary. From day one, he was so friendly and took the time to answer all of my questions, and he never made me feel rushed. His customer service is beyond measure.

As for his birds......oh my goodness. When I originally went on his website and saw the price of his babies I kind of flinched in all honesty. But I read his reviews and heard how happy his customers were with their birds and I also saw that all of his babies are vet checked and tested for avian diseases, so I felt more at ease spending the money. And being that he was so kind and offered great customer service, I also felt better spending the money.

I live in sunny Southern California so I had to have my baby shipped to me from Atlanta GA. The crate that Conure Birds Aviary ships his babies in are AWESOME! You can tell that he definitely cares about his babies' comfort and safety when they are being shipped. They are beautiful and very well made. He sends you the starter kit if you opt for that (I highly suggest you get it) and it’s packed very nicely in the crate as well. I couldn’t wait to get home to open the crate to meet my baby turquoise green cheek conure for the first time.

When I got home, we eagerly opened up the crate, and out pops this little bundle of absolute cuteness!!! We fell in love IMMEDIATELY! Our Tiki is soooooo sweet, so full of energy, so healthy, so beautiful, sooooo tame, and obviously LOVES people. You can tell this baby was well cared for and loved and worked with a ton before he came home to us. Conure Birds Aviary and his employees and/or family have put so much loving care and time into these babies.

Obviously, I would 100% recommend purchasing a bird from Conure Birds Aviary. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Every part of the transaction from beginning to end was easy, seamless, and just all-around awesome! Yes, his prices are higher but let me reiterate.......HIS BIRDS ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY AND YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!! If I win the lottery, I’m buying many more birds from JC. Lol. Clearly, he is very proud of what he produces and he is VERY competent at what he does. He produces extraordinary birds. Thank you, Conure Birds Aviary. We are so happy with our new baby. Now we are just waiting for our Indian Ringneck from Conure Birds Aviary to be weaned and we will add another baby to our flock. ❤️🦜

 by Rachel Quitevis

Conure Birds Aviary is incredible! I was in search of a baby turquoise conure and they were the only aviary in GA who had them. I called to make an appointment in person and specified EXACTLY what kind of little bird I wanted.
It was love at first sight. My conure is the sweetest little angel, and he is obviously very accustomed to being handled. It is also apparent that this bird trusts humans, and has been lovingly cared for since he hatched.
The adoption process was very thorough in regards to care, diet, and behavior training. I received every document I had on my mind. Conure Birds Aviary was so thorough and friendly, I didn't feel the need to ask any questions, but know he will be there to help me if I need it in the future.
Fun fact! Conure Birds Aviary is a third-generation avian vet (in training!). He has a long family history with birds, and it shows in his knowledge, patience, and care.
I cannot recommend this aviary enough. All these birds are happy, healthy, and sweet. My heart is still so full. I love my conure!!!

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